R/V Alemdar II Research Vessel

Technical Properties

R/V Name

Alemdar II

R/V Mid No


Call Sign


Port of Registry


Gross Tonnage


Net Tonnage


Place & Date Built

Germany, 1966

Length Overall

63.40 m

Length Moulded

52.40 m

Breadth Moulded

11.00 m

Depth Moulded

5.60 m

Average Draft

4.50 m

Main Engine

Quantity: 2

Main Engine RPM


Engine Power

2X2500 BHP

Daily Fuel Consumption

12 M/Ton

Life Boat

Quantitiy: 2

Life Raft

Quantitiy: 2

Life Jacket

Quantitiy: 57


Quantitiy: 8

Fire Pump

Quantitiy: 4


Quantitiy: 24



10-Person Joker Bot

Off-Road Vehicle (1+4 - Person)


1 BERKARDA Remote Sensing and CBS Laboratory
2 Marine Biology and Microbiology Laboratory
3 Marine Geology Laboratory
4 Marine Chemistry Laboratory
5 Pollen Analysis Laboratory
6 Marine and Environmental Laboratory
7 Marine Researches Laboratory
     7-a Marine Biochemistry and Instrumental Analysis Laboratory
     7-b CHN Analysis Laboratory
     7-c TOC and Oto Analyzer Laboratory

Chemical Oceanography Laboratory

Scalar Oto Analyzer
Carlo-Erba NA 2500 Elemental Analyzer (CHNS-O) + Desktop Computer + Laser scanner
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Schimadzu 6701-F + HVG Hydride Unit + Graphite furnace GFA 6500 + ASC 6000 Oto sampler + Power Supply PICO-106+ Desktop Computer
Precision Balance (5 digits)
Drying Oven (x2) Electromac – M5040P
Microwave Oven
Fume Hood
Clear Room for Metal analysis in Water
MiliQ-Deionized Water System
Freeze Dryer
Deep Freezer (300 lt)

Marine Biochemistry Laboratory
Frigorific Centrifuge
Solid Phase Extraction Unit
GSMS Instruments
HPLC Instruments
FTIR Instruments
UV Spectrofotometer
UVF Spectrofluorometer
GC/MS Vacuum Pump
pH Meter
Spe Columns
Water Ring Vacuum Pump
Soil Sampler
Air Sampler

Marine Geology Laboratory
4-door Refrigerator (For sediment cores and surface samples at 4°C)
Heraeus Drying Oven
Drying Cupboard (x2)
Electrical Agate Mortar Pestle
Mechanical Mixer
Plastic Bag Stapler
Fume Hood
Mettler Precision Balance (0,1-1000 g)
Retsch Test Sieves with Micro Mesh Sizes
Archive Cabinet for Dried Sediments
Saw for Sediment Core Drills
Nikon Binocular Microscope
Nikon S-19 SMZ-2T Stereo Microscope
Organic Carbon Measurement Tools for Sediment
Total Carbonate Measurement Tools for Sediment

Berkarda Remote Sensing and CBS Laboratory
HP XU Pro 200 Workstation
HP VA PRo-180 PC Desktop Computer
HP 350C Designjet A0 Plotter
HP 870 CXI Printer
Erdas Imagine 8,2
ArcView 3,0 + Spatial Analyst + Network Analyst
GTCO A0 Digitizer
AutoCad Map R2,0
Compaq SP700 Pro-workstation
Epson A3 Printer
Compaq SP700 Dual Pro Workstation
HP L4 Printer
Software for Video Outputs
Video Band (x10)
Landsat Full Frame (x3)

Marine Biology and Microbiology Laboratory
Constant Temperature Chamber
Light Microscope
Inverted Microscope
Binocular with Video Image
Hensen Larva Net
Closing Net
Bacteriological Filtration Set
Millipore Filtration Set
Millipore Bacteriology Set
Drying Oven (x2)
Precision Balance (x2)
Deep Freezer

Physical Oceanography Hardware
SBE 9/11 CTD System
SBE25 Sea logger CTD System
Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler RDI-BB ADCP 150 kHz
Portable Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler RDI Sentinel Workhorse ADCP 300 kHz
Current Meter Andreaa RCM-4
Current Meter Andreaa RCM-11
General Oceanic Rosette System (12x5lt)
Desktop Computer